Why Use IMO Tanks?

Why Twinstar Leasing?

  1. Because of our experience since 1984, we can help customers in determining the right type of chassis needed for the job.
  2. We can answer any mechanical questions you may have about the chassis.
  3. We can help with repositioning equipment to our customer's job site.
  4. We are flexible on our lease terms and work with our customers needs.
  5. When equipment is returned, we do not hesitate to pay for the Normal Wear and Tear items that were not caused by impact damage.
  6. We can advise of where overweight permits are easy to obtain (if needed).

Twinstar Leasing solutions



Twinstar Leasing can arrange repositioning of our equipment to any location in the country.

New Orleans Office
Metairie, LA
Phone: 504-889-2040

Charleston Office
Mt. Pleasant, SC
Phone: 843-971-8138